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Massage By Young Man I Never Forget that moment

One day I told my Husband that I am feeling very tired and stiff. While on the way to Office, he dropped me in the nearest Spa where Rajiv was working. Rajiv is a youngster of around 28 years and stayed in the vicinity. When my Husband explained my problem, Rajiv suggested a full body oil massage. While saying this, I noticed him winking at my Husband which made me suspect some kind of understanding between them. But I was in for something so wild that I never expected even in my wildest dreams.
After my Husband left, Rajiv took me to the massage room and asked me to strip to my bra and panty. I protested saying that I will never expose myself to a known person from the neighbourhood. He then gave me a large towel and left the room. When he returned with warm oil and other materials, I had already stripped to my undies and wrapped the towel around. I was feeling comfortable because the towel covered me from chest to the knees.
He made me sit on the edge of the massage table and poured warm oil on my head. While massaging my head, he had to move closer and I opened my knees to accommodate him. I could smell his maleness and his strong chest muscles were rippling under his t-shirt. I started realising how sexy he is and how it would feel to be fucked by this young strong man. For a moment I was imagining being fucked by him, then immediately brushed away the thought. I was already feeling great relief to my tension with his head massage and a little drowsy.
Once done, he made me lie down on my face. Coming to the head of the table, he applied warm oil and stroked my nape and neck. It was so relaxing. I was actually dozing off now and then. He then moved down and started working on my legs. My thigh and calf muscles felt so relaxed. As I was genuinely enjoying the massage, I slept off.
I suddenly woke up to realise that my towel was no longer wrapped around me and he was rubbing my back muscles. Out of embarrassment, I kept still and pretended to be still asleep. But then I felt him fiddling with the hooks of my bra and snap it open. I realised it to be too late and kept mum. The best thing is to pretend to be asleep. He was a real expert and I could feel my back muscles relaxing. At the same time, I was also getting excited thinking what would come next.
He was getting bolder and he pulled down my panty and massaged my buttocks. I could feel his strokes becoming more sensual as he poured warm oil in the crack of my ass and stroked there. To my utter shock, he pulled down my panty completely and spread my legs wide. He did it so carefully that I was sure he assumed that I am still asleep. Now I felt him stroking around my arse hole and occasionally reaching his fingers even to my cunt. I was afraid that he will have noticed the wetness of my cunt. At one point of time, I shuddered, but feigned to be still sleeping.
As slowly and tenderly as possible, he was now rolling me onto my back. While doing this, I crack opened my eyes and was shocked to see him also stripped down to his underwear. I could even notice his bulge. He poured warm oil all over my body and started on my stomach. I am sure he must have been feasting his eyes on my beautiful rounded boobs. Then he laid his hands on my breast and moved them round and round. Once in a while he was holding my dark brown nipples and squeezing them. My cunt was oozing with my juices, and I prayed that he should not notice it. After finishing both the boobs, he moved down and started massaging my mound. His thumb was dipping into the cut of my cunt and stroking my outer lips. Now I am sure his thumb would have wetted with my juices and he was aware that I am awake. Then again he parted my legs and rubbed around my cunt with two fingers.
Then he himself climbed onto the table, with his knees in between my thighs, he stroked my whole body vigorously. My boobs were juggling with the stroking and occasionally his cock was rubbing on my cunt. I started moaning with pleasure and it was obvious to him that I was awake. I brought my hands to his crotch and rubbed his cock which was struggling to be released out of his jockey. All the the time, I kept my eyes tightly shut. To give more access to me, he climbed over and sat lightly on my belly. With both hands I lowered his jockey and his thick rock hard cock sprang out. I held his cock in one hand and round full balls in the other. I moved his skin up and down with my thumb pressing his glans. Now it was his turn to shiver with pleasure. While this was going on, he moved up my torso and placed his cock between my breasts and stroked. I helped him by holding both my breasts tightly around his cock. My cunt was oozing with juices and my jaw bones were aching to suck his cock. As if reading my thoughts, he moved further forward and placed the tip of his wet cock on my lips. I shot my tongue out and licked at his glans. The knob on his cock was dark pink, smooth and glistening. I opened my mouth and took his cock into my mouth. I rolled my tongue around his glans. He started uttering sounds of pleasure. I then took out his cock out of my mouth and licked the whole length of it. Also licked his balls filled with semen. His virility was unbelievable.
Again he went down between my knees, bent down and started licking my pussy. He lavishly licked my outer lips, inner lips, then opened up my cunt with two fingers and inserted his tongue. I shot my juices all over his mouth and face.
Soon he was unable to control anymore. He turned me over, lifted my bum and brought me to doggy position. He inserted his large cock into my throbbing cunt and fucked with deep slow strokes. His speed kept increasing and when I exploded in one of my rare orgasms, pumped all his seed deep inside my cunt. It felt warm inside the thighs.
Both of us were exhausted and lay down embracing each other. He said, Aunty, I have fucked many others, but not one like you. You are a Sex Goddess. Please come again. I said, this was my most satisfying sex in the last few months. I thank you for this from the depth of my heart. I promise to come again. I dressed up and left.
That night, my husband asked me what happened in the spa. Though I was apprehensive, I didn’t want to hide anything from him. As I explained every thing to him, he was getting excited, rather than angry. By the time I finished, we were fully naked and I had another heavenly fuck of the day.