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Sex with Bhabhi Story

Hotz (809)Hello everybody I am roan from Ahmadabad .actually this is my first story and I am 18 years old with a fair complexion and good physic.
so coming to the story and this is the story of me and my bhabhi having sex in her bedroom and so it’s started last year after my brothers marriage after his marriage he want abroad for his job and bhabhi leave with us in Ahemdabad.

Till my brother was there my bhabhi’s behaviour was very friendly to me but after my brother left I did not talk much with bhabhi because of my busy schedule as my boards were there. Let me tell you about my bhabhi her name is Khyati she is a sex goddess any guy who see her became his fan and she is 36 28 34 and her figure!

Man it’s damn sexy I love her boobs a lot from the day she came to our home I was having a bad intension towards my bhabhi but never dare to do anything like that. One fine day in morning I was sleeping because of late night studies bhabhi came to my room to wake me up. She come close to me and was trying to wake me up suddenly I wake up and she was so close to me that my eyes directly caught her bra man it was so sexy.

I was watching it bhabhi noticed me and stud straight and went away in the kitchen and I was crazy at that time and I went and masturbate in the bathroom after that I got fresh took bath and went to the dining table for breakfast. Bhabhi served me breakfast and I noticed a sudden change in her behaviour nut at that time.

I went to my tuition I was just thinking of my bhabhi’s sexy cleavage. Like this the day passed I went home at night and had dinner and slept because of stress whole day. Like this days passed every night I used to masturbate imagining that I am fucking my bhabhi in different positions kissing her licking her boobs like any animal and like this days were passing.

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One I was in tuition and I received a forwarded MSG from my bhabhi and I was shocked as well as happy and I replied to the message
Me: hi bhabhi how are you is there any work for me?
bhabhi: no roan I was bored at home alone because mom and dad had gone to attend a function in the society

Me: It’s ok bhabhi you can message me whenever you fell boring or alone I am there for you

Bhabhi: thank you my bro in law for I surely will!
Me: ok then bhabhi I will message you later I am in lecture

Bhabhi: ok good bye at that day i was very happy and I went home to my surprise mom and dad were not present at home and bhabhi was preparing food in the kitchen and I went to the kitchen to have glass of water and sit in the drawing room and started watching TV in sometime bhabhi called me for dinner and I went and sat on the dining table and bhabhi sat opposite to me and she served food and I was having it in the meantime my leg touched bhabhi’s.

I quickly said sorry to bhabhi and in return bhabhi told me it’s ok after having dinner I went to my room and saw some porn and ejaculated in the bathroom and after some time my parents came and I slept from the next day everything normal I went to tuition and then in the afternoon I started chatting with my bhabhi and we became close friends and started to talk whole day then bhabhi asked me about my girlfriend if any.

I said her that yes I have a girlfriend and then she asked me about my girlfriend and all general talks happened between me and bhabhi. One day I asked bhabhi on message that bhabhi don’t you miss my brother and she became sad and told me ya I miss him a lot but I am helpless. I told her that doesn’t be sad he will come after few months and tried to make her happy etc.

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Like this days passed one day bhabhi told me that can I give her the photos of her marriage as our any relative was going Australia then I told ok and she gave me her pen drive so I went to my room and inserted the pen drive and started uploading pictures in it suddenly I saw a folder named do not enter and I entered the folder and saw oh my god there were photos of my brother and bhabhi kissing and nude pictures of my bhabhi.

I was surprised that my bhabhi is so sexy without clothes and i quickly copied all photos to my pc and gave the pen drive to my bhabhi after uploading all pictures as soon as I gave pen drive to my bhabhi and she came back in my room and asked me that did I see the photos in the pen drive and I was afraid and don’t know what happened to me I said to bhabhi that yes I have seen and the moment.

I told bhabhi see went to her room and then did not talk with me. I was afraid that bhabhi will tell my mom then I will be fucked so I messaged bhabhi that I am sorry and I did ten message and at last she replied it’s ok but don’t tell it to anybody else” and by reading this I took a breath of relief. I went home and I was happy that everything is solved.

I got fresh n up and went to then dining table and today also my bhabhi was sitting opposite to me while having dinner bhabhi slide her leg on mine. I was astonished by this behaviour and due to this my rod was standing straight. So quickly I finished my dinner and went to my room loaded my cum and now I was lying on my bed and my cell vibrated I saw that it was a non veg message from my bhabhi.

I replied bhabhi hey are you missing my brother and she told yes and told can you help me out of this and I was very happy and quickly ran to my bhabhi’s room as I entered my bhabhi was on the bed in a black nighty and I could not stop and I went to the bed and started kissing her and licking her she also responded by moving her tongue in my mouth and I started pressing her boobs from the night gown and it’s was like heaven.

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She started removing my t-shirt and I also removed her gown oo she really looks sexy than any other women in the world and I started licking her boobs slowly and then down to the naval and then slowly opened her panty a started licking the love hole and I was surprised it was cleanly shaved and its taste was awesome while I was licking she was getting more arouse and doing ahhhh roan I am cumming!

And she loaded all cum on my mouth and I drank it all. Now it was bhabhis turn she opened my rod and told me oh it’s bigger than your brother, and starts licking it yea I was thinking that I am in seventh heaven it’s awesome man! Then after sometime I cum and she drank all the cum and then I was on her and slowly started inserting my rod in her.

She was enjoying it a lot and i fucked her like an animal and after sometime we both had an orgasm and we slept together for some time and cuddled. By the time it was 3 am so I stood once again kissed her and went to my room and slept. I was very happy and still we fuck whenever we get a chance for comnt must.