Married woman Renuka fucking story

Hi every body, I am Ankit working in Banking Sector, living in Hydrabd. This story is about my first experience during my MBA college days. I feel very excited in sharing my experience with all of you. I am well built and during my college days, I was very shy in interacting with girls, but used to secretly admire girls and visualize them while traveling in bus or in the classroom :-). My sex urges are greatly influenced by their body shape and looks. There are few women who irrespective of their color, body shape can just attract you by their eyes or looks on their face. Probably, their sexual passion and desire reflects in their face or body language which attracts me. And, I do get attracted to women who wear Glasses(specs) and rarely social. I had created a phrase “Girls in specs are mentally Sexy” and I believe girls who are more shy, often end to be more wild on bed. Anyhow, regarding my experience, this is about our neighbor woman who lives right opposite to your house. I used to call her Renuka Aunty, living in one of the 4 small rental houses. Along with her, Husband Prashanth, their small kid of age 5 yrs… She is of age around 24-25yrs with long hairs, a fair complexion and a body figure which would make any sculptor motivate to work on an Art, with slim stomach, deep navel with curvy hips and fleshy butts and a well shaped medium sized breasts.( I always loved her low quality cotton blouse which was transparent making the bra visible). She usually used to wear sari and in some occasion chudidhar( in chudidhar she was looking a bit younger. I used to call her as Renuka Aunty). Her husband was working in a factory – Mico(now Bosch). Renuka was close to our family, she used to visit daily to our house and chat with my mom. During her visit, I used to gaze her a lot. Her body was so sensational. When she was in her sari, the area around her navel was making me go crazy. Few times I was caught by her gazing but I managed not getting into trouble. Her husband would leave to work in morning at 7:00 and would come at late night and the kid was admitted to a pre-Montessori which starts at 9:30 am and back at around 1:30 pm . Renuka used to drop and pick the kid daily. After late lunch, she would come to our house along with the kid to spend some time.

One day, during my 6th Semester, I was on study leave for 10 days preparing for the exams.. Renuka came with her kid at around 3:00pm to our house. It was a cloudy weather and rain had just drizzled adding more humidity. She chit chatted with my mom while the kid was playing around in our house. She got up saying she has some work at her home and while going she came to me and said to look after her kid as she will be disturbed by the kid at home. As I was bored of studying said ok and was spending some time by playing with kid. After a while, the kid was feeling sleepy, so I took him to his house. While entering, I saw Renuka was ironing her husband clothes and she had to changed to a nighty, a low neck one and she was looking very gorgeous and sweating all over due to the humid condition and ironing. She welcomed me saying, baa Soumi ( Come Ankit) and said it is very hot and undid her hairs, it just spread over her back and made her face look like a very cute hiding in her hairs. And, due to the sweat, she had already opened her first button of her nighty and often she was blowing air into it I could see her bra & I was excited and making me more hornier. I let the kid lie on the Sofa which dozed off. I kept on gazing her and said to switch on the fan but she said it would be difficult to iron the clothes. I switched on the TV and sat their next to kid on sofa and in the pretext of watching TV, I was busy admiring Renuka’s beauty, the breasts covered under nighty, captivated in the black bra. I had the guilt feeling and also felt a bit nervous ,, but I was not in a position to listen to my conscience. By then, Renuka finished ironing and sat next to me saying it’s too hot and very sweaty and will head to bath. I said yes and was unable to sit there and control my tent. A pulse was generating Near my abdomen and ending at the tip of my penis. She stood up and went to bring some juice and brought a lime juice and kept on the table, when she bent I couldn’t take my eyes of the cleavage and she leaned still more that I could see her boobs covered under her black bra, also a glimpse of stomach. I felt a jerk in my body and looked her at face she was seeing towards the juice glass and she lifted her face and saw me peeping into her body. She raised her eyebrows and said hey Ankit, stood up and closed her top button and gazed at me intimating me that its bad thing. I drank the juice and quickly said bye and left to my house, while getting up from the sofa my bulge got brushed to her hand, she felt it and before she could react, i was out of her house.

On the other day, Saturday my mom and Renuka went to pay electric bill together and mom went to visit our relative place on the way and was planning to return around 7:00pm and dad would usually come from work at 8:00pm. I finished my bath around 12 noon and was reading newspaper, and then Renuka came with her kid as it was a half day. We all entered inside and I gave a Jamoon to the kid, after eating he started playing outside, I was in shorts and Renuka was in a pink color sari and an thin orange color blouse and I could see a black bra beneath the blouse. We sat together on the sofa and switched on the TV I was seeing her cleavage through her transparent sari, I was unable to control my erotic feelings. A bulge had already formed over my shorts. Meanwhile she stood up to see her kid, her sari pallu was stuck under my hand such that it fell down a bit by pulling her down. She gazed into my eyes, held her pallu with a kinky smile, I thought of holding her in my arms and give a kiss but I was afraid. She sat and continued watching TV, later Renuka moved forward to pick water from table and her sari pallu slipped off from her shoulder and didn’t put effort to adjust her pallu back to its position. Not sure if it was intentional from her or she never noticed it. But, It was a feast for me to see such a beautiful cleavage, & was uncontrollable to me. I pushed her hand by my elbow in pretext to pick the remote, such that the water fell on her things and chest…I said sorry aunty and started rubbing with my hands and picked up the towel, she could see my bulge and was gazing it. I was pressing the boobs through the towel she didn’t say anything and I caught hold of her and gave a kiss to her lips and face she screamed and said Ankit what r u doing it is not right, but I was irresistible i caught her tightly and kept on kissing and pulled her hand on my bulge…she stopped resisting and was playing with me, pulled me tight and we both saw each other in deep kiss and gave a smooch which I tasted a lips for the first time. … I started to press breasts and continued to smooch. Her Mangalsutra was coming in between while i was playing with her boobs… we paused and saw each other… She looked like a sex goddess.. Mangalsutra made her more sexier. I held her shoulder and started to smell and lick her neck… She was in ecstasy and started to moan lot of noise ahhhhh ah ahhhhh Ankit and I said come aunty we will go inside she smiled and joined me , I locked the main door and entered into the bedroom. Her kid was still playing within the compound for which the gate was locked. She was assured of kid safety. I lifted her and by smelling her sexy aroma of her body made her stand and held her sari pallu and pulled it full, sari pallu was on floor and gave kiss to her navel part by smelling her body.

Feeling every inch of her body, I placed my mouth over her blouse and started sucking the boobs, Renuka was moaning very loud ohhhhhhhhh slowly Ankit ohhhhhhhhh ohh I could see her face, turned red and very hot. I stood up,. her blouse was wet due to my sucking, I gave a kiss to her on all over her body and started removing the sari and unwrapped it fastly such that she turned around, She was very sexy from back, the butts were very fleshy , I cupped her boobs from back and started kissing her back . She was moaning and kept on moaning. I held her tightly and felt her body, it was very mesmerizing. I removed her hair it fell very sexily and spread allover her shoulder, I made her turn front and started removing the blouse hooks. Renuka was playing with my bulge while I removed her blouse hooks and dumped my face into her cleavage. Now she was in petticoat, with panty and bra. I was going mad. She removed my T-shirt to reveal my hairy chest she pinched my nipples, it was great feeling. We both held together feeling each other’s body. Her boobs were pressing my chest very sensuously. It made me to pull my thigh muscles with penal muscles becoming stiff, making my penis to dig in between her thighs. We were breathing heavily. We both entered into bed she made me to lie and came over me and placed her fleshy lips on my lips and both were sensing each other’s lips and tongue, meantime I was rubbing her massy ass firmly. It continued for around 10min and I made her to lie on the bed and inserted my hand into her petticoat and started rubbing the thighs, I lifted her petticoat, the milky thighs were just inviting me to bite, started kissing her leg from toe and entered into her thighs and I was licking and bit it. She moaned very sexily ohhhhhhhhh ahhhhh don’t stop Ankit continue yes yes ahhhhh ohhhhhhhhh i was pressing her boobs with my both hands and planted a kiss on her navel, she was trying to remove my shorts I made her to get up and removed the string of petticoat and pulled off her petticoat, she was only in bra and panty and the long hairs were all over her shoulder and back making very sexy. Renuka then pulled my shorts down and saw the tent which was wet at tip on my brief. she pulled it down using her teeth. With that my penis sprang open and hit her face… she expressed appreciation seeing my penis. she smiled seeing my penis which was nearly 6 inches. She held it with her right hand firmly and bent on her knees and started playing by pulling the skin in and out, I was getting craze of that and she later placed into her mouth and was licking and some what biting it making me feel the heaven. I was out of control and thought of shooting my cum in her and made her to stand and hugged her tightly and pressed my penis into her a bit of semen spilled out, we both were just rubbing the body I removed the bra strap and pulled the bra, oh it was a great thing to see and sense it, very milky and shaped boobs with very hard nipples protruding out. I placed mouth onto the nipples and started sucking it, she was going crazy and held my head pressing hard into the boobs I placed my left hand on the other boob and started pressing it hard and right hand into the panty from back and was feeling her ass. She was shouting very loudly ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes Ankit do it fast and she withered a bit and I could see the panty was wet around. I continued sucking work for about 15-20 min and I lifted her again and threw her into bed and slept on her and started licking her from the bottom and reached her panty it was all wet and a different aroma was coming I planted a kiss on it, Renuka held my head and pressed towards the pussy and uttered a moan I pulled her panty down and removed it off. There was a black forest with a juicy, fleshy well amidst it. I planted a kiss to her vertical lips and pulled the hairs around, she shouted a bit and I started sucking the clit and inserted my tongue into it deep I could taste her cum it was somewhat exciting, Renuka was busy moaning and shaking her body. I was pressing her boobs very vigorously, then went upwards and inserted my penis into her love hole, it was a bit tight and I was feeling as hot lava and was very rough around the vaginal walls making me feel the pain, but Renuka helped me to enter and I slowly pushed inside, Renuka shouted and juices flew down into the bed, I lied on her for sometime with my penis in vagina sucking her, lips, face, neck and boobs. And then started to pump my penis into the pussy she closed her eyes and started moaning and held me tightly and was kissing and biting me hard, I was feeling very pain in doing so and tried hard pushing my penis deep and was later a bit easy and continued it for a while, but Renuka was enjoying a lot with louder moans ohhhhhhhhh Ankit do it fast fast faaaast do it uh uhhhhhhhh ahhhhh yes and was moving up & down simultaneously, we continued it for next 15-20min with some pause then i felt of shooting my semen so i removed my penis out and spelled my cum all over, in between she also reached orgasm for many times i slept on her, then Renuka started licking my nipples and playing with my chest hairs through her fingers. Later Renuka came on me and took my penis in her hand and started shaking it vigorously and laughing to me saying see, putaani aagide(has become tiny) , my penis grew again and she started sucking it, I was just grunting and held her head by pulling her hairs. Later she stood and sat on my thighs and inserted her pussy into the penis and was riding like a horse. I was also moving rhythmically and held her body. She had multiple orgasms and was a wonderful view to see her boobs juggle through. She had held b penis very hard by her vaginal muscles. And she fell on me I held her tightly and was cuddling her all over and told her to hold my penis and to move the skin to and fro. She started doing and was smiling to me and doing fastly, it was enough for me cum again. I oozed out my cum all over, it spilled like a fountain all over my body and on her hand. We both slept together hugging tightly for a while and licking her entire body which made us both very relaxed. After this incident, we continued to spend some time on a regular basis at her place or at our house.

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