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Sex with Girl Friend Sex Story

Hello friend, My Name is Nikhil Working in a Private firm in Mumbai, I wish to share my sexy experience with you, hope you will like it. This is my first story so please may forgive if any mistake.  I had a few months ago when I met my girlfriend.  I had little interaction with women. My virginity was a thing I soon wanted to let go and wanted some one to make love. I was too shy/ scared to go to a prostitute. Hence I was looking for a girl that I can be in a relationship with.

It was a sunny day in the November of Mumbai. Me and my friend were coming back from Kurla Station after watching a movie, due to Sunday the train  was less crowded and we could stand comfortably. From station a girl in green dress got on the Bus. She was wearing a short dress above her knees and her milky legs were visible. She gave us a glance and looked the other side.

My friend told me that this is an ex of his colleague and he met her in some parties. I found the girl very attractive, let me explain her to you. Fair and smooth skin, slim built, big eyes and long hair, sexy back. I wanted her badly when I saw her and also her bare legs were making my mouth water. I told my friend that I want to have her. He told me that he can introduce me but dont know how she will react.

We went to her and he started talking, she was hesitant at first then she joined the conversation. I got to know that she was looking for a place, I had once near my home and told her I can show her the area. She wanted to change home in next 10 days hence she reluctantly agreed to meet me and we exchanged numbers.

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Next day she came near my place. I showed her the vacant house, I knew the owner and got her a sweet deal. She was happy and thanked me, her new place was few meters away from mine and I thought now I can get a chance.

I helped her move and we became good friends. She was from Ludhina, and I was a big fan of Ludhina girls beauty. She started coming to my place for dinners and also on Sundays to watch movies and hang out.

I noticed a change in her behaviour also, she started wearing shorts while visiting me, her T shirts were becoming tighter and she bent over many times to expose her milky breasts. I was losing my sleep and wanted to take the next step.

One Sunday afternoon it was cloudy, she was sitting on the sofa and crossed her legs. I couldn’t resist and put my hand on her thigh. She gave me a sexy smile. I got more confidence and started moving my hand, she kept smiling, this was a sign for me and I gave her a kiss.

She was waiting for my move and we were in each other arms vigorously kissing each other, I gave her many deep french kisses before I started cupping her breasts. This experience was making me horny by every passing second. I wanted her badly and a gorgeous girl was in my arms, waiting for me to fuck her. It was a dream becoming true for me.

I undressed her, she was wearing Black bra and Red panty. She was lying totally nude in front of me. Her pussy was shaved, her nipples were dark and body was flawless. I was stunned for a few moments looking at the beautiful body. I started sucking her nipples, I was getting hard at her every moan. I moved to her wet pussy and started licking her, I was in heaven at that time.

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After a few minutes of foreplay I was ready to fuck her and blow my load into her. I mounted her from top and inserted my cock in her vagina. She was very tight and I was getting extreme pleasure. After a few strokes I was ready to cum, I took my cock out and came all over her stomach.

She wiped her belly and we layed on the bed for a long time, I was feeling her breath on my neck and it was a heavenly experience. We went to the shower together to clean up and had a great time bathing when she took my cock in her mouth and gave a great blow job. I was feeling great to loose my virginity with a pretty girl like her. The feeling that I can fuck her now anytime was amazing.

After that we had many sessions and they were equally passionate. Now she has shifted abroad with her family. I had many sexual encounters after that. I will share them in next stories please visit www.merisexstories.com for latest updated stories